Exceptional Grip On Dry Surfaces

Advanced Control Compound Technology

Resin tuned compound for better friction to deliver exceptional grip on dry surfaces.

Extended Cornering Stability

Bridge Assist Technology

Bridges in first groove for block stability and bending resistance for extended cornering stability.

Ultimate Steering Precision

Impulse Plus Construction Technology

Footprint-optimised tyre contour for better pressure distribution for ultimate steering precision.

Superior High Speed Stability

Powerline Cover Technology

With tread deformation protector to achieve excellent footprint preservation for high-speed stability.

Available Sizes
Size Load Index Speed Rating Pattern Car Fitment
265/35ZR2099YEagle F1 Supersport R XL FPPorsche 911 GT2 & GT3
325/30ZR21108YEagle F1 Supersport R XL FPPorsche 911 GT2 & GT3
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