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Goodyear is one of the world's largest tire companies. It employs about 72,000 people and manufactures its products in 55 facilities in 23 countries around the world. Its two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio, and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg, strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry. For more information about Goodyear and its products, go to www.goodyear.com/corporate.
Goodyear is founded by Frank A. Seiberling and enters its first home: a strawboard factory on the banks of the Little Cuyahoga River in East Akron, Ohio, USA. The company is named in honour of Charles Goodyear, who discovered the rubber vulcanization process in 1839. The company makes horseshoe pads, bicycle and carriage tyres, sealing rings for canning, fire hose and even rubber poker chips.
Henry Ford's Model T, fitted with Goodyear tyres, is a sensation with middle class consumers.
Using Goodyear tyres, Craig Breedlove becomes the first man to top 600 miles (960km) an hour.
The first tyres on the moon – Apollo 14's MET (Modularized Equipment Transporter) – was shod with Goodyear's XLT tyres.
Goodyear supplies the first radial tyres for commercial aircraft.
Goodyear introduces the Aquatred tyre, offering a revolutionary design which delivers high performance traction in both wet and dry conditions.
Goodyear is first to win 350 F1 Grand Prix races.
Goodyear celebrates its 100th anniversary.
Goodyear stands at the pinnacle of drag racing, winning the most championships in both the professional and sportsman categories in the National Hot Rod and International Hot Rod Association competitions.
Goodyear and NASCAR celebrate their 50th anniversary together. Goodyear is the longest-running sponsor of the sport.
Goodyear launches RunOnFlat Technology – the next generation of run flat tyres available for all kinds of motorists. Goodyear tyres with RunOnFlat Technology are the first tyres that can run up to 80kph for 80km with punctures.
Goodyear and NASA invent "Spring Tire" for moon – an energy efficient tyre that would not go flat.
Goodyear Asia Pacific begins introducing the company’s proprietary Fuel Saving Technology into new tyres, letting drivers go further for less and reduce emissions.
Goodyear’s Air Maintenance Technology™ is recognized by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2012.
Goodyear discovers that using soybean oil in tyres can potentially increase tread life by 10 percent and reduce the use of petroleum-based oil in the manufacturing process.
Goodyear announces plans to convert waste from rice harvest to fuel-efficient tyre treads.
Goodyear Asia Pacific introduces the “Road Therapy” campaign. Road Therapy recognizes the power of driving in transforming emotions.
About Goodyear Malaysia

Goodyear’s involvement in Malaysia dates back to 1908 when The Goodyear Orient Company, a rubber buying firm, was established in Singapore to purchase rubber from plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. The sales of Goodyear products in Malaysia began in 1929 through the office of the Goodyear Sales Company, which was established in Singapore.

Goodyear Malaysia is one of the world’s top tire manufacturing company and has achieved excellent performance in both sales and technology. In October 1992, the company became the first Goodyear tyre plant to be certified for ISO 9002 standards, in 2002 it obtained the QS9000 and ISO14001 certifications followed by ISO / TS 16949 certification in 2003.

Another proud milestone for us is our contribution to the country’s industrialization era. Goodyear was the tire brand to be fitted in Malaysia’s first locally produced car, Proton Saga back in 1985.

The company continue to become the market leader in tire making and it is a preferred brand by Malaysia’s Original Equipment Manufacturers. Having fulfilled their high quality standard, Goodyear tires have been chosen as a standard tires for passenger and recreational vehicles for local brands – Proton, Perodua and Naza as well as the world’s leading manufacturers such as Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and many more to join Goodyear rank.

Goodyear has received multiple awards from leading automotive companies, such as, the Toyota’s Outstanding Quality Performance in 2003, Proton’s Best Overall Performance, Perodua’s Quality Performance Award for year 2008/2009 and with add-on recent accolades are Honda’s Supplier of the Year Award and Inokom’s Top 5 Performing Vendor in 2015. This year, for the seventh consecutive years, Goodyear Malaysia was recognized as the Most Trusted brand for the tire category by Reader’s Digest.

In the replacement market segment, Goodyear tires are today available throughout the country through a comprehensive network of one-stop professional tyre and car-care centers known as Goodyear Servitekar and Goodyear Autocare stores. In fact, Goodyear Malaysia takes pride in the fact that it took the lead in developing the tire retailing business to the high level so commonly found today. Started in 1979, the Goodyear Servitekar has today grown to over 250 outlets serving the needs of motorists throughout the country.

To satisfy growing needs of different market segments, Goodyear Malaysia also imports a substantial number of tyres from its sister plants in other ASEAN countries and is becoming well positioned to take full advantage of the market liberalization under AFTA.

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