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Goodyear Introduces the IntelliGrip Urban Concept: A Smart Tire for Future Urban Fleets

07 Mar 2017

  At the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, Goodyear unveiled what the tire of the near future could look like. The IntelliGrip Urban is a concept tire designed for future-generation autonomous electric ride-sharing vehicles in urban areas. On-demand transportation – or ride-sharing – as an alternative to taxis, rental cars, or actual driving is no […] Read More


Goodyear reports fourth quarter, full-year 2016 results

10 Feb 2017

Goodyear today reported results for the fourth quarter and full-year of 2016. “We delivered solid net income and record core segment operating income in 2016, driven by strong performance in our Americas and Asia Pacific consumer tire businesses,” said Chairman Rich Kramer. “Our results demonstrate continued sustainable earnings growth and disciplined execution of our strategy. […] Read More

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Proof That Busy Parents Can Still Have Family Fun Anywhere

07 Dec 2016

Being a working parent is never easy. Even more so as we all know how important it is to play with your children early in life. If time becomes an issue, here are a few things you can try.   1. On The Way To Somewhere Familiar Source: Whenever you are driving to somewhere […] Read More


9 clever things that will change your family trips

08 Nov 2016

Family? Check. SUV? Check. Frequent trips? Check. More and more folks are taking their kids for outings. Plenty to do out there than to sit at home. So why don’t you make your car rides more comfortable for everyone? After all, it isn’t just about the destination. It’s about the journey, too. With these items […] Read More

8. Goodyear EG & EG SUV

7 Things You Should Do Before Your Balik Kampung or Holiday Road Trip Journey

03 Jun 2016

  The unofficial anthem for Hari Raya celebration would be Sudirman’s ‘Balik Kampung’(Returning to Your Hometown), evergreen classic familiar to many. It encapsulates the joy, excitement and anticipation people have for the festive season, which is best shared with family, friends and loved ones. Every major city in Malaysia will experience the annual Hari Raya […] Read More