Proof That Busy Parents Can Still Have Family Fun Anywhere

07 Dec 16

Being a working parent is never easy. Even more so as we all know how important it is to play with your children early in life.

If time becomes an issue, here are a few things you can try.


1. On The Way To Somewhere Familiar

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Whenever you are driving to somewhere familiar, like Grandma’s house, turn that Waze off and let your kids show you the way.

Turn your regular drives into a challenge. If they get it wrong, embrace the road adventure, if they get it right, reward them!


2. Over Breakfast 


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If late nights become common, look toward the morning instead. Breakfast will be your window of time that you can spend with your children before work and school starts.

Here, you can do more than just talk over the table. Decorate your food like cartoons. Swap cups. Make faces. Whoever touches his/her nose gets to eat the last piece. Let your imagination run free.


3. In The Car, In Any Occasion

2016-12-07 13_45_02-Goodyear Challenged Two Families With The Weekend Travel Mission - YouTube


Laughter is the best medicine. You can try this uncommon but hilarious game. One of you wear a mouthpiece, and the rest of you guess what he or she is trying to say.

The results will make your sides hurt. This video illustrates.

Background: Goodyear held a contest between two families and awarded the winner with an instant trip to Legoland Malaysia.

In the end, neither family really lost because they all had good fun in the process.


4. On The Way To Anywhere

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You may be driving your kids home from school. But that doesn’t mean you have to rush straight home.

On the way, see if you can find a good stop to play. It can be a neighbourhood park, a shopping mall park, a fountain attraction, anything that’s outdoors and family-friendly.

This means you can squeeze ten minutes of play here and there without having to prepare ahead of time.


5. At Supermarkets 

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When weekend outings get tough to schedule, take your children along when going grocery shopping, but make it fun!

Carry them on your shoulders inside lifts to reach for the ceiling. Take them on a shopping cart adventure. Let them choose their favourite juices. Even if your neighbourhood mall is not specifically equipped for kid-friendly fun, you can still get creative.

6. At the parking lots


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After you’re done at the mall or supermarket, get your kids to point out where you parked your car.

This doubles as a memory exercise, as they will have to pay attention from the moment you exit the car.

Let them lead the way back to the car, and reward them when they get it right.


7. In the Kitchen


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No matter how busy you are, you should try to squeeze in some home-cooking every once in a while. Because then you can involve your children in the kitchen and make it fun.

Let them mix the batter. Peel the garlic. Sprinkle the salt. Mash the potatoes. Anything they can get their little hands on. Just keep the sharp objects at a safe distance.


8. Before bedtime 


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You may get busy during the day, but when you’re there to tuck your children in at night, that’s another few moments of time together.

Children usually don’t look forward to bed time. However, if you’re clever enough, you can turn anything into a game. The fastest to prepare for bed wins! Reward them with a piece of chocolate the next morning.



These ideas are just to illustrate that opportunities for family fun exist outside the playmats and parks. All you need is to make a slight mindset adjustment, and to have a keen eye.