Goodyear Malaysia Launches Assurance DuraPlus: A Tire Engineered to go the Distance of Two and Half Times around the World

14 Apr 15

Assurance DuraPlus lets drivers go up to 100,000km¹ and comes reinforced with DuPont Kevlar for added protection


Kuala Lumpur, 14 April 2015 – Imagine a set of tires that can take a driver the grueling distance of approximately two and a half times around the world. The Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus is engineered to let drivers go up to 100,000km¹ and comes reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® for added protection, delivering tremendous value through a longer lasting and more durable tire.

Designed for small- to mid-sized passenger vehicles, the Assurance DuraPlus tire boasts an improved version of Goodyear’s proprietary TredLife Technology™ with a new enhanced tread compound, combined with a DuPont Kevlar overlay for added reinforcing.

“With consumer-driven needs at the center of all our tire innovations, Goodyear Malaysia is launching the Assurance DuraPlus, the company’s latest passenger tire for today’s value-conscious customer,” said Varin derjit Singh, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia.

“We understand that some drivers are looking for a tire that can take them further with minimal worry. The new Assurance DuraPlus has been designed specifically with these people in mind.

“With the overall enhancements in the Assurance DuraPlus, drivers now have a tire that can go further and provide better protection against road hazards.”

TredLife Technology can help take drivers the distance of approximately two and half times around the world

Goodyear’s TredLife Technology increases the usable life of the tire for longer mileage. In the Assurance DuraPlus, it provides up to 100,000km¹ of road travel.

TredLife Technology comprises of three key elements. Firstly, an advanced carbon-based tread compound with higher carbon content provides increased resistance to road wear. In addition, TredLife Technology also incorporates a larger tread width design, which comes from an optimized cavity shape, putting more rubber in contact with the road for a longer lasting tread. Finally, a maximized rubber volume provides more road contact area, and combined with a deep tread depth, allows for more wearable rubber.

Reinforced with DuPont Kevlar for added protection

The introduction of a DuPont Kevlar overlay into the Assurance DuraPlus increases the tire’s durability. Used in military grade equipment, this lightweight material maintains stiffness and strength even under high temperature conditions when the tire is in motion, giving drivers’ added protection against road hazards.


Protecting tires against nasty road hazards with Worry Free Assurance

Consumers can also have peace of mind when they purchase the Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus tires, knowing that they covered under Goodyear Malaysia’s Worry Free Assurance Programme. The Assurance DuraPlus is the sixth Goodyear tire range to be included within this programme, which protects the tires from nasty road hazards such as puncture, cut, bruise and impact caused during the course of normal driving on a maintained road.

With a 6-month validity period, consumers will receive a free replacement tire when damage due to road hazard occurs when depth of tire tread is more than 6.7mm. If damage occurs when depth of tire tread is within 5.5mm to 6.6mm, Goodyear will credit against the purchase of a new Goodyear tire of the same size and design.

Available Sizes

Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus is the tire to turn to for outstanding mileage and protection. For the Malaysian market, Goodyear Malaysia is offering both the 14” and 15” rim diameter variants, with the subsequent sizes being added to the range in due time.

Size Load Index  Speed Rating
165/55 R14 72 H
185/60 R14 82 H
185/65 R14 86 H
185/70 R14 88 H
195/70 R14 91 H
195/60 R15 88 V
195/65 R15 91 V

The Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus tire retails from RM226 to RM325 inclusive of GST, according to different sizes. Consumers can now purchase the Assurance DuraPlus tires at Goodyear Autocare and Servitekar outlets, as well as authorized Goodyear dealers nationwide.

To learn more about Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus, as well as other Goodyear tires, please visit , or interact with us at Goodyear Malaysia Facebook page – .


¹ Tire mileage projection as tested by Goodyear Testing Division in size 185/65R14 on roads in Thailand and actual mileage may vary due to state of roads, tire pressure and maintenance, climate, driving styles and usage patterns etc. Distances between cities are estimates of straight point to point distances in kilometers.


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