How Your Family of 5 Can Balik Kampung with only a Sedan

18 May 18

Sure, an MPV would be ideal for long journeys for your family, especially if the headcount is 5. But if you don’t have one yet, not to worry. You can still make do with just a sedan.

 You can achieve this with little creativity and efficient use of space.

1. Maximize that trunk. 

Putting your luggage in the trunk is a no-brainer. But if all you have are large suitcases, then you may not be using that trunk to the fullest.



Image via mydailynews


Test this out by placing your largest luggages inside. Do you see any extra space on the sides, and behind?

Then you can fill them out with smaller bags or containers. This will make it easier for you to pack for a family of 5.

2. Go Vertical. 

 Boot running out of space? Get yourself one of these:



Image via rackwarehouse

A car roof rack allows you to pack more luggage than your sedan could, straight out of the showroom.

 Just take note that tolls typically have a height limit of 2 meters. So whip out that measuring tape.

3. Fill those tires

Be sure your tires have the optimum air pressure levels inside, as they will have to hold up a lot of weight.

In fact, the weight may be too much if your tires are too old. So you should replace them altogether before the trip.

And now would be the perfect time to do that. Buy Goodyear tires and get RM80 worth of shopping vouchers.


4. Get padded up

Sitting in a full backseat for hours will become a drag for your passengers. If they want to sleep, they would have to do so sitting upright, almost like in an airplane.

So get some neck pillows to nap comfortably in the backseat.


image via


Also, seat belt pillows like this would be great for extra comfort.

5. Extend your pockets

Most cars have a single pocket behind the front seats.

You can change that number with one of these:

car seat

image via

Water for the journey, tissue for cleaning up, snacks for that peckish mouth.

With your back middle seat taken up, this will be your highly convenient alternative to store your knick-knacks on the road.

6. Be smart with seating 

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes. With the limited space your sedan has, you should arrange them wisely.


image via

You can only fit one person in the front passenger seat and up to three at the back seat. So make sure that the passenger that takes up the most space gets the privilege of sitting in front.


Driving a sedan to balik kampung gives you the size advantage when faced with narrow roads and parking spaces. So put yours to good use.

And remember, stay safe on the roads!