Peace Of Mind On The Road with Goodyear Worry Free Assurance

05 Aug 22


Goodyear Malaysia launches its enhanced road hazard warranty programme for a safe and enjoyable drive.


KUALA LUMPUR, 8 July 2022 – As more cars are returning to the road, Goodyear Malaysia launches its new and improved Worry Free Assurance (WFA) programme effective 1 July 2022, ensuring all Malaysians are kept safe and covered when using Goodyear tyres.

“Since the Malaysian government announced the endemic phase in May, the number of cars on the road has seen an increase of two-fold compared to 2019[1]. As such, we want to encourage our customers to be aware of their vehicle tyre’s health so they can drive with peace of mind. As an advocate of on-the-road safety, we believe the new Worry Free Assurance programme will help our customers stay safe and have an enjoyable drive for the long run,” said Alex Ng, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia.

The new WFA programme is now available for all customers who purchase any new Goodyear consumer tyres without a minimum purchase. Customers who participate in the programme will receive three new benefits:


1 Year Road Hazard Warranty

For a period of 1 year starting from the date of purchase, customers are eligible for a free 1-to-1 exchange if tyres are damaged beyond repair by road hazards such as potholes and/or sharp objects that occurred during normal driving. The tyres should have a tread depth of 5.0mm and above for the exchange. This new feature is an extension of the previous WFA with 6-month coverage with a minimum tread depth of 6.0mm.


2X Free Tyre Safety Check

The new WFA programme ensures customers’ tyres are in optimal condition by providing two free tyre safety checks. Customers may return to the original Goodyear Autocare centre where they purchased their tyres for the two free safety checks on the sixth and twelfth month from the date of purchase, giving customers additional peace of mind while driving.


5 Years Warranty

Goodyear Malaysia has updated their terms and condition where the five-year limited warranty will cover five years from the date of purchase stated in the original invoice, instead of from the manufacturing date on the tyres. However, in the event that the original invoice is not available, the limited warranty will cover the tyres from the date of manufacturing instead. Under this warranty, Goodyear also covers manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials used.

In addition to that, Customers who purchase any new Goodyear consumer tyres can easily sign up to be part of the Worry Free Assurance programme by following three simple steps:

  1. Purchase any new Goodyear consumer tyres from Goodyear Autocare or participating outlets.
  2. Receive invoice and WFA card from Goodyear Autocare or participating outlets.
  3. Register the purchased tyres on to activate their WFA, by uploading your receipt and WFA card number

Customers who intend to claim the free 1-to-1 exchange or conduct the free tyre safety check must provide both their WFA card and purchase invoice at the participating outlets. Should the WFA card be missing, customers can print out the WFA online registration instead.


For additional information on Goodyear’s Worry Free Assurance programme, please visit or follow Goodyear Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram.

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