• Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5

Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5

A sports performance vehicle is only as good as its tyres.

The Eagle F1 Directional 5 comes with SportGrip Technology to give you precise handling and responsive grip that outperforms its award-winning and iconic predecessor, the Eagle F1 GSD-3. Distinguish yourself from the pack with the Eagle F1 Directional 5, which offers maximum performance without compromising on style.

Excellent HandlingSuperior GripWet performance


751_d5 f1Hug the Road

A solid centre line rib for more responsive steering and outstanding grip lets you hug the road.

752_d5 f2Take that Corner

A continuous shoulder rib which reduces deformation when cornering for enhanced grip.


753_d5 f3Conquer the Wet

Race-inspired tread compound provides outstanding grip on wet roads.


1296_Worry-Free-AssuranceGoodyear Worry Free Assurance

This program protects your Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5 tyres against road hazard damages.



Tyre replacement entitlement is applicable within 6 months from the date of purchase and remaining tread depth must be more than 6.7mm.

When making a claim, you must present the following to the dealer where the tyre was originally purchased:

  1. Goodyear Worry Free Assurance program card
    • Details in the card must be completed.
    • Keep the ‘Customer Copy’ for your future reference
  2. Original receipt of purchase
  3. Damaged tyre that requires replacement

For more information on the Worry Free Assurance program, please visit: Goodyear Worry Free Assurance .

Available sizes

195/50 R15 82W
195/55 R15 85W
205/45 R16 83W
205/50 R16 87W
205/55 R16 91W
225/55 R16 95W
205/45 R17 84W
215/40 R17 83W
215/45 R17 87W
215/50 R17 91W
225/45 R17 94W
225/55 R17 101W
245/45 R17 95Y
215/45 R18 89W
225/40 R18 92Y
225/45 R18 91W
245/40 R18 93Y
245/45 R18 100W
275/45 R20 110Y XL