• S100


Excellent low rolling resistance, fuel economy,new formulated compound for better mileage performance,excellent handling performance and better safety protection.

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  • Fuel max technology combines the dedicated casing construction and new component
  • New formulated compound that reduce energy lost between molecules
  • Narrow straight grooves improves footprint
  • Specially formulated compound for expressway and highway transportation
  • Tuned contact patch improves footprint ,
  • Continues centre rib and grooves blades distribute forces evenly across the tread
  • Wide angle groove base
  • 4 ribs pattern with centre grooves balding design provides excellent anti-aquaplanning
  • Enhanced casing construction, reduce heat generation between components


  • To reduce rolling resistance and achieve fuel economy
  • helps to reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce rolling resistance
  • Keep the tire running at cooler temperature and slow down the tread wear. This provides higher mileage
  • effectively avoid shoulder uneven wear and improves mileage
  • This promotes wear uniformity
  • provides long lasting non-skid even after half worn. This provides better handling performance
  • This improves driving in wet weather and better handling and braking
  • This will ensure safety for vehicles travelling for long distance at long hour.

Available sizes

295/80R22.5 S100 152/148M TL 16PR