Goodyear Worry Free Assurance is a road hazard warranty program offered by Goodyear Malaysia with every purchase of Goodyear consumer tyre. We offer warranty to our tyres against irreparable road hazard damages to ensure our customers get a peace of mind and a worry-free experience with Goodyear tyres.



Goodyear’s Worry Free Assurance Program is our commitment to give you a better purchase and driving experience, which includes replacing tyres that are beyond repair and 2 X free tyre check, for tyres purchased starting from 1 July 2022.



  • 5-year Goodyear Limited Warranty

We know you want to get the most out of your tyres. That’s why we confidently offer a 5-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase stated in original receipt.

  • 1 Year Road Hazard Warranty*

Enjoy free replacement tyres in the event of road hazard damages (potholes or punctures from sharp objects such as nails) that is beyond repair.

*Applicable to all Goodyear consumer tyres under Goodyear Worry Free Assurance Program. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport, SuperSport, SuperSport R, SuperSport RS, Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5, Goodyear Eagle NCT 5, Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip, Goodyear Assurance Duraplus, Duraplus 2, Goodyear Durasport, Goodyear Assurance TripleMax, TripleMax 2, Goodyear Assurance MaxGuard SUV, Goodyear Cargo Marathon 2, Goodyear DP-D1, DP-V1 Goodyear Optilife, Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV, Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance SUV, Goodyear Excellence, Goodyear G28, GPS 2, GT3, Goodyear Wrangler Adventure, AT SilentTrac, DuraTrac, HP AW, AT/S, Wrangler TripleMax and all Goodyear RunOnFlat tyres.

  • 2 X Free Tyre Safety Check

Enjoy 2 X free tyre safety check at the Goodyear Autocare where you purchased the tyres after 6 months and 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • Easy ownership with a 0% interest installment plan**

Enjoy 0% interest payment plans for up to 12 months for tyres covered by the Worry Free Assurance Program.

**Available at selected Goodyear Autocare dealers.


For every purchase of consumer tyres of the same size and pattern that is under the Goodyear Worry Free Assurance Program, the customer is entitled to the program which they can enjoy all applicable benefits of the program.

Upon purchase of any Goodyear comsumer tyres at authorized Goodyear participating outlet, customer will be given the Goodyear Worry Free Assurance card.

To activate the Goodyear Worry Free Assurance Membership card, customer should register the card online at The following information will be needed:

  • Complete Name of Vehicle Owner
  • Vehicle Plate Number
  • Vehicle Make, Model and Year
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number/s
  • Worry Free Assurance Warranty Card number
  • Tyre Details
  • Goodyear Autocare or participating outlets Details
  • Digital copy of Proof of Purchase (Sales Receipt or Official Receipt)


In any circumstances that customer is provided a manual warranty card, please ensure that all information is filled up by customer themselves and the original copy is kept in the car for future claiming purpose. All information will be transferred to Goodyear system and customer will receive email as future communication.

Customer is advised to read all the mechanics, terms and conditions, inclusions and exclusions pertaining to the program by visiting

For inquiries, customer can call the Goodyear General Line: 03-5520 3200



  • 2 X Free Tyre Safety Check

Customers who purchased Goodyear tyres under Worry Free Assurance program are eligible to redeem free tyre safety check 6 months and 1 year after the date of purchase.

The free tyre check is only applicable for purchases from Goodyear Autocare or participating outlets, customers are required to return to the shop where they purchased the tyres for the free tyre check. Original receipt and Worry Free Assurance warranty card is required to redeem the free tyre check from Goodyear Autocare.


  • 0% Interest Installment Plans

For easy ownership of Goodyear tyres, a 0% interest payment plan for up to 12 months is available for eligible tyres under the Worry Free Assurance Program.

This is available for all Maybank credit card holders in participating Goodyear Autocare dealers.


*Goodyear Limited Warranty / Manufacturer’s Warranty

Goodyear tyres are, unless stated otherwise, warranted against workmanship and material or design related conditions throughout their first tread life (new tyres) down to the local official remaining nonskid/TWI for the following period of time.

All Goodyear tyres are covered within 5 years from the date of purchase stated in the original receipt or 5 years from the date of manufacture if receipt is not available. The tyre are covered during original tread life from defects in workmanship and materials which render the tyre unserviceable.

If our examination shows such product has a condition due to defects in workmanship and materials, under the terms of this warranty, we will make a fair and reasonable allowance in the purchase of a new similar Goodyear product. Any such allowance on the tyre will be based on the average tread wear remaining.


**Road Hazard Warranty

Goodyear Malaysia guarantees all consumer tyres purchased locally if damaged beyond repair caused by puncture, cut, bruise, or impact break in the normal course of driving on a maintained road. Goodyear Malaysia will compensate or provide allowance for the affected tyre/s after careful examination of a Goodyear Technical Associate. Compensation will be based on the remaining tread depth computation in the duration of twelve (12) months year from date of purchase.

NOTE: ALL WARRANTIES will be acknowledged once the end-customer provide the registered Worry Free Assurance Card or print out of Worry Free Assurance registration, original copies of their proof of purchase (Sales Receipt, Official Receipt) of the tyre/s of issue.



All Goodyear consumer tyres bearing valid serial numbers are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship. Damaged tyres must be presented to a Goodyear Autocare along with original copies of proof of purchase (sales receipt / official receipt) and warranty card for inspection and thorough analysis. Inspection will be undertaken by a Goodyear Technical Associate.

If the damage is found to be the result of a manufacturing defect, the tyre will be considered under warranty, provided the age of the tyre falls within a required period (refer to types of warranty). Goodyear will then provide credit against a purchase of a new tyre with the same size and design (or a comparable tyre, which is an equivalent design or model with the same size construction and quality level). The credit value will depend on the tread depth remaining.

Credit computation will be based on the assessed value of the remaining original tread of the damaged tyre using the original receipt price as reference.

Customer will fill out and sign a standard claim form to facilitate processing of credit. Subsequently, Warranty Card will be returned to the customer after processing of warranty if card corresponds to more than one tyre.

If the tyre is found not to be defective or not caused by a manufacturing defect, the Goodyear Technical Associate, will return the tyre to the customer, formally explaining why the tyre has been classified as such.

Please seek the assistance of a Goodyear Technical Associate from any Goodyear Autocare to determine what constitutes a manufacturing and a non-manufacturing defect and other details about tyre warranty. You may also visit for more details.

Tampering of any kind on Goodyear products automatically invalidates the warranty (e.g., tampered serial number, ply rating, size of tyre, etc.).

All replaced tyres shall be surrendered to the Goodyear Autocare and become the property of Goodyear Malaysia, Inc.

Tyre damage analysis and assigned credit value determined by Goodyear remain final.

Only tyres purchased in authorized Goodyear retail outlets in the Malaysia are eligible for warranty.



  • Road hazard damages caused by obstacles or debris, such as cuts, punctures (regardless if repairable or not)
  • Improper mounting and dismounting of the tyre, imbalance of tyre and wheel
  • Wrong or improper repair
  • Under inflation, over inflation, improper tyre maintenance
  • Mechanical irregularities in the vehicle like wheel misalignment, faulty shock absorbers and brakes
  • Tyres used in motorsports like racing and the like
  • Tyres used in wrong application (on-road tyre used in off-road)
  • Tyres fitted with incompatible or improper valves, rims or wheels
  • Improper storage
  • Tyres bought second hand
  • Accident, fire, tyre alteration or vandalism
  • Tyres purchased from unauthorized channels or dealers



If the tyre suffered Road Hazard Damage during the period of >5.0mm of its original tread depth and/or during 12 months from the date of purchase (whichever comes first), Goodyear will replace it with a new tyre of the same size and design without cost

Goodyear WFA program will be valid within 12 months from the date of purchase provided that the remaining tread depth is more than 5.0 mm

The following tyres are not covered under this warranty:

  • Tyres used on the wrong type of vehicles (wrong application)
  • Tyres usage on off-road, illegal road racing and/or competition
  • Tyres with uneven wear caused by mechanical problem of vehicle
  • OEM tyres that are fitted onto the vehicle upon new car purchase.


*Goodyear Malaysia reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the Warranty Programs at any time without prior notice. Please check the Goodyear Malaysia website and the Worry Free Assurance page for any amendment.